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You can email any news tips, press releases, stories and corrections to us at

Unfortunately, as we receive so many press releases and requests to cover stories, regrettably, we are unable to respond to every one. However, please be assured that we have seen your email and will be in touch if we would like further information.

If you have a startup you want to pitch, the following information would be good to include:

  • What are the backgrounds of the founding team?
  • What traction does your startup have?
  • What uniqe angle and potential does your startup bring to the cryptocurrency ecosystem?

Press enquiries

If you’re a journalist looking for comment on blockchain in general, please contact us at

Our editors are available for in-person interviews and studio appearances.


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Writers and guest contributors

We’re always looking for experienced journalists, writers and guest contributors interested in bitcoin to write great pieces for The Crypto Desk.

If you’re a freelancer and looking to write either news or features for us, email us at with your CV, résumé or examples of your work.


If you have any general feedback, suspect a phishing attempt, or for any enquiry that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, please email

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