Decentralized Cell mining has been pioneered by start-up from the Center of Berlin by Blending blockchain with regenerative Power


Start-up from the Center of Berlin has pioneered decentralized mobile mining by combining blockchain with regenerative Power

Envion AG has created a technology for its first truly portable data-center that uses low-priced regional electricity to mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

Envion can run at lower prices compared to competitors and at precisely the exact same time by selecting energy directly that is available at the source. Envion aims at decentralizing the highly-concentrated mining marketplace (China holds 80% in Bitcoin mining) and also at bringing control of the industry back to the users. That Envion gives 100 percent of its own mining earnings straight back to its community.

Present challenges in the Power and blockchain businesses
The blockchain business is suffering from an energy requirement. This can be explained by the fact that transactions require up large quantities of mostly fossil fuel. At exactly the identical period, Envion finds an energy production generation of fresh regenerative energy, which gets lost due to maxed out energy grids. This results in accessible excess energy, as overcapacities are produced by solar energy plants. These overcapacities can efficiently be employed by the advanced mining components of Envion.

Envion’s answers
Envion has grown completely automated (“business 4.0”), portable mining components (MMU) inside standardized intermodal transport containers that may be sent to virtually any location on earth within weeks or days, decentralizing the blockchain infrastructure. Envion portable mining components built and are designed to operate at locations close to energy sources such as wind turbines plants or hydropower plants. This enables Envion to make use of electricity overcapacities in a setting that is rewarding. The MMU’s mobility allows for positioning of these components requiring thermal energy and may be used for heating systemsystem. In this manner, Envion recycles energy absorbed in the MMU and accomplishes low electricity rates.

The MMUs of Envion can be integrated into a grid that was smart and flexibly move energy requirement and thus, take the burden.

Investment chances
Envion goal is to have the lowest cost structure from the blockchain mining industry. Investors in EVN tokens have a 161 percent ROI after administrative deductions, based on Envion’s whitepaper by blending mining with ASIC mining. Its standing as the sole mining operation combined with a technology places them among the players, even in this highly competitive marketplace — but with substantially lower risks. The important aspect here is that, following a community-approach, 100 percent of mining earnings will directly visit the EVN token holder neighborhood. 75 percent of the will be dispersed to token holders on
a per week basis, the remaining 25% is going to likely be re-invested in MMUs to continue growing the gains for the community. The pioneering company doesn’t stop here, however, they operate and assemble mining components to get party operations as well. This usually means that third party investors acquire hardware, while 35% of these profits go to EVN holders.

This looks to invest to the dividend blockchain business and at precisely the exact same time minimize risks as Envion isn’t dependent on a single market player.

The investment interval (ICO) starts Dec. 1st, 2017. Stop by for more information.

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